Quarter Life Crisis – The Reality

Growing older together or farther apart?

As you grow older, you’ll realize the people you love are getting farther apart from you. People who were the day and night of your life, just end up becoming some other name in your phone’s contact list. 

Part 1 – Change

Change is like the grain of sands escaping from your hands. It’s inescapable, unstoppable.

Change is inevitable. Change of heart? Not so sure.

As you begin to spend your days and nights rejoicing with the company of a person; getting to know them; knowing that they are around and hoping that they stay so. You open up a part of yourself and hand it over to them. Entrusting them with it. With the thing they refer to as a ‘special’ bond. It’s what connects you. Time passes by in the blink of an eye and you start counting age beginning with the digit ‘2’. Teens was definitely an interesting part of life, where you laugh at the decisions you make or regret the chances you did or did not take. And as you bid farewell to your teens growing older with someone, they live through you. They live ‘YOUR’ life, beside ‘YOU’. Being there. Being a constant… But for how long?

Part 2 – Missing

You’ll find yourself asking this question a million times – what’s missing?

When you miss a person is it a part of yourself that you miss?

Your life?

The time?

That promise of growing old together?

It’s that what you miss, perhaps?


Part 3 – Time

Does growing up always mean you grow farther apart? Excuses, reasonings, scheduling, fighting and trying. Trying to make time, while doing nothing but losing it.  

So ask yourself again, would you rather grow older together or farther apart?

There’s a very thin line when it comes to walking on the edge of this rope.

Time is critical. It’s merciless and brutal and you are in this alone. Against it. While you try to save it.

To be continued..


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