Your Cooking Experience Is Now #MadeEasy

Right before Ramazan began, had the privilege to attend National Food’s event where we were introduced to their new & revamped online recipes portal created in collaboration with one of Pakistan’s favorite celebrity chef, Chef Saadat.

What makes #MadeEasy stand out from rest of the lot is the fact that they have kept their focus on fusion recipes to encourage home chefs to cook something different and exciting for themselves or their loved ones.

This portal features a portal of video recipes as well as picture based. You can search for recipes according to cuisine, ingredient, recipe or category wise, giving you multiple options to explore.



Not to forget the fact that also features a couple of useful and clever kitchen hacks ensuring that your cooking experience is #MadeEasy.

If your Mom has also been suffering from ‘Samajh-nahi-araha-aaj-kia-banaon Syndrome’ lately, and made you eat aloo chicken salan 4 days a week, then this my friend will be your saving grace. Having said that my Mom is an exceptional cook and a lot of people can testify that.

Coming back to the topic. We got this adorable apron-cladded goody bag from National Foods that included a variety of their products, tempting everyone to try them out.


Being a once-in-a-blue-moon cook and an occasional critic I decided to give it a shot and make a few things myself. Thanks to I got to save myself from the embarrassment of floating tomatoes and burnt onions. Cooking is not just #MadeEasy but also equally pleasing.

Enough said now.

Let me tell you the story about the website that changed my destiny (virtual high five to everyone who got the reference).


Hara Masala Nuggets recipe from #MadeEasy

Product used: National’s Sabzi masala



Tnadoori Chicken recipe from #MadeEasy

Product used: National’s tandoori masala



Pita Bread Pizza recipe from #MadeEasy (Pizza paratha recipe replacing pita with paratha. No I’m not health conscious. But this tasted even better than it looks!)

Products used: National’s Sabzi masala + National’s tandoori masala



National’s Orange Fruitily. All the flavors are especially peach and lemon.



Still deciding a name for this. Till then you can call it Choco-Coffee-Caramel dessert thing (really bad at this apparently) 

Product used: National’s Coffee Choco custard. You can make amazing mocha flavored desserts with it very easily!

Must include show off video clip:

Final touches. #MadeEasy #DessertDiaries

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Crispy Chickoon Burgers

Product used: National’s broast masala and a sheer will to get fat.


Stop drooling and visit right away and follow the hashtag #MadeEasy on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram for more deliciousness.

A community dedicated to #MothersOfPakistan

We’ve come across a lot of Mother’s Day campaign recently, but the one that truly caught my attention and left a lasting impact was Dalda’s #MothersOfPakistan. Yes, I was participating in that campaign (if anyone reading this is rolling their eyes right now) but that doesn’t take away from the fact that it was beautifully executed.

Kudos to Dalda for realizing the need of building a community dedicated to all #MothersOfPakistan and showcasing the beautiful and positive side of life for the audience. The stories and messages shared on the community were really inspiring and over-whelming, bringing us face to face with the tremendousness of motherhood. The struggle, the passion, the patience and strength they have – It’s just incredible, and all this was projected by the #MothesOfPakistan community even more incredibly.

This campaign did not just captivate the digital space (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) but was also extended and taken to other touchpoints like TV, radio & mobile. Moreover, some remarkable OOH were scattered all around 8 different cities of Pakistan including Karachi, Lahore & Islamabad, making this movement grow massively. Thousands of people from all around Pakistan participated in this movement and inspired more through their special video & picture based messages for their moms, some of which were also telecasted on TV. Amazing, isn’t it?


Dalda clearly owned this platform very gracefully! Hoping that they keep the momentum going in the coming times too. J

Here’s a little something I wrote inspired from all #MothersOfPakistan

P.S: Yes I made the cheesy template and drawing. I’m still a baby! 😛


68 Years of #SonehraPakistan

This nation has had its share of tough times and hardships, but despite all that it still stands strong against all odds. So let’s celebrate this victory. Let’s celebrate the courage of making it through another day. Freedom comes with a very high price, let’s not let it go in vain.

This year has been indeed very hard and tragic for us, with all this negativity around let’s make it right.

Amidst the darkness let’s shine out a hope of light.

With the month of Independence finally reaching its end, let’s take a look back at all the celebrations and enthusiasm exhibited by the people of the green and white nation.

A huge thank you to Soneri Bank for marking the beginning of #SonehraPakistan and restoring back our faith in a positive, beautiful and #SonehraPakistan like we have always remembered it.

So sit back and relax now… for a journey through 68 years of #SonehraPakistan

It’s going to be a long one, but amazing none the less.


Let’s start off with the scenic beauty of the land. Pakistan is one of the most beautiful countries in the world and here’s how we can prove this.

1. This country is amazingly beautiful..


2.  In all seasons


3. With the highest Highest paved international road – Karakoram Highway! Look at those beautiful gigantic snow-capped mountains.. Toblerone could totally use these, right?


4. That’s the beautiful Baltistan.


5. And we have spell-binding glaciers that will make you freeze in the moment with their beauty.


6. Ok hold your breath again.. the show has just begun.


7. Let’s stop everything for a while and thank God for this.


8. Did you know that we have Asia’s greatest water fowl reserve?


9. And also the 2nd largest dam by structural volume?


10. If you think fishing is boring, you have been doing it wrong.


11. That’s Babasur Top –  The highest point in the Kaghan Valley that can be easily accessed by cars. Let’s start packing our bags already!!


12. Who wants to touch the sky?


13. Heavenly.. Heavy breathing…


14. Pakistan > Wilayat. Okay?


15. Ye haseen waadiyan ye khula aasman.. aagaye hum kahan.. (sorry couldn’t help singing this)


16. The land of purity.. right infront of you. Subhan Allah


17. Waaka Waaka Aey Aey.. It’s time for Pakistan 😛


18. Magnificently beautiful.. no words.


19. Places to visit before you die – Kashmir ❤


20. How em looking? 


21. Marvellous…


22. Extraordinary!!


23. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


24. We can’t get enough of this either.


25. Sohni dharti aur…


26.  …..aur sohna aasmaan!!


27. Don’t you wish that hut was yours? Cause I do. 😦 


28. Stop. And. Stare.



29. The man who doesn’t need any introduction – pride of our Nation.


30. The man with magic in his voice. Pride of Pakistan!


31. Did you know about this? Why are we not funding this?


32. The most proud sister in the world!


33. Hats off to the people behind this…completely blown away!


34. Making us proud all around the world!


35. The brave and courageous. RIP Aitzaz Hassan. Your sacrifice will always be remembered.


36. The girl with a brilliant mind. RIP. You will always be our pride.


37. Preaching music through love since forever.. ❤


38. Spreading laughter across the border. Kudos to Saad Haroon.


39. Capturing millions of hearts in a click. The very talented, Mobeen Ansari.


40. We have made it to the top of the lists..


41. And we are progressing with every passing second!


42. We have tasted vistory..


43. Against all odds!


44. Where cricket is the one uniting force.


45. The man given the title of ‘Rawalpindi Express’


46. The man making the nation go boom boom.


47. And we also have the World’s Best Captain. Wohoo!!


48. Legend-ary!!


49. The glorious & victorious!!


50. This gives me goosebumps. Every. Single. Time. 


51. Making life-changing inventions. We are all proud Pakistanis!


52. Setting trends for the world to follow. This is our pride.



53. Architectural beauty that will leave you mesmerized..


54. The resting place of the great poet, Shah Abdul Latif Bhitai! So beautiful and artistic ❤


55. And we have stunning mosques. 


56. Colors that reflect our soul.


57. And more colors… so eye-pleasing ❤


58. Kaleidoscopic. I’m totally getting this as my phone cover.  \(^-^)/


59. Independence day celebrations in full swing. #SonehraPakistan


60. Aur hum chai pe chalte hain…


61. Desify everything. Cause it’s #SonehraPakistan


62. Snapchat stories on 14th August were the best. Thankyou Snapchat for this. ❤


63. Because freedom calls for some sweet celebrations..

64. Is parcham ke saaye talay hum ek hain, hum ek hain.


65. The celebration continues..


66. Nowhere else in the world will you find such talent!


67. And we are funny people.. Okay? 🙂


68. Ending with the most beautiful anthem in the world.


A special thank you going out to all the people whose tweets have helped me compile this wonderful blog. Thank you Snober Alan Abbasi (you’re a life saver), Adil Siddiq Awan (your pictures were beautiful), Amk, Adeeqa, Aesha , Abeer, Aisha, Aman, Amber, Asad Aly (lol this ‘A’ list is long), Sadiya Azhar, Quratulain Tejani, Nauman Dogar, Jaiser Abbas, Murtaza Marvi, Zoya Altaf, Jibran Siddiqui, Zenub Babar, Zair Abbas and Sara Muzzammil.

Follow Soneri for all updates regarding #SonehraPakistan.

68 Years and counting…

Pakistan Zindabad!!

No man is an island.

“No man is an island.”

As a child, I used to be extremely fascinated with the above stated quote and had strongly and faithfully believed in it as well. What this quote means to me is that man cannot survive on his own in this world. He needs to have a constant support or some sort of companionship of people who are there to share their happiness and sorrows with him and vice versa.

But as life steered into different directions with the pace of time, I have now started doubting the one thing I truly believed in.

So let’s talk it out loud…

“No man is an island.’

How true is that?

You think that you need people to feel good about yourself; to strengthen you; someone to lean on to and someone to lend a shoulder to. But have you ever asked yourself if that’s really necessary? Can’t man suffice his own existence? Is he not enough for himself? Isn’t inner peace found within? These questions have always been lurking in the back of my mind.

I have heard some people say that solitude is beautiful and maybe we should all at least once in our lives get to experience it…

All my life I had believed that life is all about pleasing others until something happened and destroyed this ideology. But do we really even need one? Do we really need to rely on ideologies and plan our lives according to them? I don’t think so.  I used to. But not anymore!

Plans don’t work like we expect them to. They get destroyed or mercilessly murdered by the hands of karma and time. All we do is silently watch our plans breathing their last breaths in front of us. Sometimes begging us to save them, sometimes wandering away into nothingness, leaving us with empty holes. What follows next usually takes face of guilt or regret.

But then there are some people who claim to get more than that. They say that they learn. We all say that too. Don’t we? But how true is that? If I ask myself I will never be able to confidently say that yes I learned from my mistakes. Yeah sure I learnt about my tendencies of reacting to a particular situation, most of which were expressed through uncontrollable sorrow or anger. You might have as well learnt about your tendencies of shedding tears or listening to sad songs or just cursing out at every living and non-living thing that exists in the face of the earth. But you know what? That’s not it… that’s not enough!

There’s still so much more about one’s weaknesses and strengths that he doesn’t know of. But only he alone can discover them.

Hence I have sort of reached to this conclusion (for this particular phase of my life) that the whole no-man-is-an-island thingy is nothing but a fallacy. I’ll explain it as a pretentious bud seeded into our heads that grows more wilted flowers than blooming ones.

I hope I don’t come off as a pitifully pessimist person after reading this post because I think what I stated is a mere fact that had been lying right in front of me all along. And I have come to this realization that I had been carefully ignoring its existence as well as importance. It’s time to take the blindfold off now. And if not? A good rant doesn’t hurt anyone. Especially when I’m doing it on my own blog. At least I’ll get to have a good laugh about this later on.

Till then…. Trying to find the missing pieces of the puzzle.

BTW I think islands are beautiful and I wouldn’t mind being one.

8th Karachi Literature Festival – Top 10 Highlights


Karachi Literature Festival came back again with an urge to delight the crave of avid readers, to enrich the enriched history of literature for its appreciators. KLF can be viewed as a little token of appreciation from the individuals of the society to those who offered a perspective on the unique Pakistani society and culture, and have thus contributed to the development of a thriving literary tradition in Pakistan.

The three day event attracted audiences like magnet. I would further summarise the event in to major top 10 highlights in my list.


  1. The very first item on the opening day was a performance by musician, Asif Sinan. Sinan, who specializes in bridging the East and the West through his musical innovations, first and foremost, presented the national anthem. It was a very unconventional presentation on the guitar. He also covered an old Rafi-Lata duet, “Saavan Beeta Jai”, followed by other light Eastern and Western pieces.
  2. Around 136 Pakistani and 40 international authors and speakers from ten countries are participating in the festival. Mustansar Hussain Tarar and Ayesha Jalal were the keynote speakers at the inauguration.
  3. Ashraf Jehangir Qazi, a former ambassador who was the jury member, announced the winner of the prize for the non-fiction book of the year. The prize went to Yasmeen Khan for her book, “The Raj at War”. The Getz Pharma Prize for fiction went to Omar Shahid Hamid for his “The Spinner’s Tale”. The Infaq Urdu literature prize went to Nasir Abbas Nayyar and Admiral Baqir gave away the prize.
  4. Conclusion of the first day of KLF-2017 was done by a captivating ‘Kathak’ performance by Shayma Saiyid.
  5. The second day started with a varied range of sessions, one of them was Bringing the Past into the Present in which Dr.Framji Minwalla and Nomanul Haq conversed with Ayesha Jalal. “History is methodology to investigate evidence, not an ideology”, historian Ayesha Jalal defined.
  6. There was a session, International and Regional Politics impacting South Asia, was moderated by Dr. Huma Baqai and the panelists for this session were Mathew A. Cook, Zia Mian, Najmuddin Shaikh, and Asad Sayeed. The issue discussed was Pakistan’s strategic position in this fiasco of whether CPEC is in our favor or it’s just another attempt towards the development by our government.
  7. Highlight of DAY 2 at KLF was Phool aur Shabnam hosted by the famous Bushra Ansari in the honor of Jharna Basak, better known by her stage name Shabnam, the famous Lollywood legendary artist. Second Day of the event came to an end with a Mushaira in which renowned poets of the country like Kishwar Naheed, Anwar Shaoor, Fahmida Riaz, Peerzada Qasim, Imdaad Hussaini, Afzal Ahmad Syed, Naseem Syed, and many more participated.
  8. Last day of Karachi Literature Festival started with a Video competition “Making Change in Pakistan: What Works, and What doesn’t” Winners were announced by Sarmad Khoosat, Nadeem. F Paracha, and Parvez Hoodbhoy. Faisal Raza’s documentary on transgender issues won first place.
  9. A session “Celebrating Faiz” in which Adeel Hashmi took the opportunity to recite poetry to pay homage to his grandfather and master poet, Faiz Ahmed Faiz “Partition: Drawing Borders in Blood” the story that how a family that was separated at the time of Partition and its aftermath and was reunited because of the publication of the book by Ishtiaq Ahmed called the Punjab Bloodied, Partitioned, and Cleansed was narrated. Harbhajan Kaur’s/ Shehnaz Begum the lady whose son Rizwan from whom she was separated, both were present at the session and were introduced to the audience.
  10. 8th KLF ended with remarkable classical dance performance by Shayma Saiyid and Suhaee Abro, a concert by Saif Samejo and dhamaal by Sufi group.


Among the many literary luminaries, academics, and intellectuals participated, both from Pakistan and abroad, some of the notable names were Adeel Hashmi, Afzal Ahmed Syed, Ali Akbar Natiq, Amar Jaleel, Ahmed Rashid, Arfa Sayeda Zehra, Arif Hasan, Asif Noorani, Arshad Mahmud, Ashraf Jehangir Qazi, Attiya Dawood, Ayesha Tammy Haq, Bina Shah, Chaudhry Aitzaz Ahsan, Christina Oesterheld, Fahmida Riaz, H.M. Naqvi, Hamid Khan, Harris Khalique, Imdad Hussaini, Jamsheed Marker, Kishwar Naheed, Mahtab Akbar Rashdi, Masood Ashar, Mian Raza Rabbani, Mirza Waheed, Mujahid Barelvi, Nadeem F. Paracha, Nafisa Shah, Najmuddin Shaikh, Nasira Iqbal, Noor ul Huda Shah, Omar Shahid Hamid, Pervez Hoodbhoy, Roger Long, Sabyn Javeri, Salima Hashmi, Sania Saeed, Shabnam, Shazia Omar, Sheema Kermani, Shandana Minhas, Shrabani Basu, Taimur Rahman, Tina Sani, Zafar Hilaly, Victoria Schofield, Zehra Nigah, Zia Mohyeddin, and Zoe Viccaji.


Around 200,000 people attended KLF this year which was an achievement unlocked for the whole KLF team. Ameena Saiyid Managing Director, Oxford University Press, and Founder/Director, Karachi and Islamabad Literature Festivals, in her closing ceremony speech thanked everyone for contributing towards the success of this event. She specifically thanked all the speakers and performers who set the underlying theme of the Festival. “Whether you have travelled all the way from Italy, France, Germany, Switzerland, Bangladesh, the UK, US, India, or Maldives, or other parts of Pakistan; or you have commuted from somewhere within this Karachi: thank you for being here to inspire and enlighten all of us”, she said.

“This is not the end but the beginning of another wonderful adventure, the preparation for the next Islamabad Literature Festival to be held at Margala Hotel on 14, 15, and 16 April 2017 and the Karachi Literature Festival ‘London’ in partnership with Bloomsbury Pakistan and Southbank Centre London on 20th May 2017.

Experiencing The Magic in Meat

The Karachi Eat Festival 2017 has left of us with loads of happy memories and I would want to share some of my favourite ones.

This year’s KEF brought in a lot of new names to our attention and some old ones with a new twist. Was great to see brands going out of their comfort zone to bring in a bigger and better food experience for their customers and giving us foodies the opportunity to enjoy it. One such brand that stood out from the crowd was Meat One.

Meat One’s stall occupied a big spot in the heart of Frere Hall and quite successfully left an even bigger mark on our hearts.


To start with the show stopper of the 3 day festival, Cordon Bleu Chicken. Now this is one tricky dish that even one of the most renowned restaurants can’t nail, but Meat One did complete justice to it. From the crispy crust to the perfectly seasoned chicken fillet, stuffed with just the right amount of cheese in the centre – this was heaven on a plate. Not to forget the creamy mushroom sauce and potato mash complimenting the dish so aptly. A treat this good and worth just PKR 300. No wonder it had everyone going ga ga for all the right reasons!

Next in line in our meaty quest were the BBQ Mutton Chops. A bit too spicy for my liking, though thoroughly enjoyed by my Mom. The meat was tender, juicy and cooked to perfection hence proving why they call themselves ‘the meat experts’.

We also got to try the Medallion steak with sautéed veggies and Chapli Kabab. The steak wasn’t as great in taste as Cordon Bleu but was enough to satisfy your beef cravings. The veggies were warm and flavoruful, leaving a fresh taste on your tastebuds.

The Chapli Kababs were on point though: spicy & scrumptious with just the right amount of ingredients. I hate it when there’s an over powering taste of zeera or garam masalas in kababs. I might grab a packet of these on my next visit to MeatOne and trynna impress everyone the next time we have a dawat at home.

I really liked the fact how MeatOne focused on bringing a variety of dishes, keeping in mind all desi and wideshi preferences.

Take the roast beef panini for instance, it was good to see menu items other than just meat. Loved the grill on the panini, beef tasted nice too I just wished there was more sauce to it.

Unfortunately couldn’t try the Grilled Salmon because of the crowd lining up at the stall, but I’m pretty sure it tasted as good as it looked.

Other items priced at Rs 100 that deserve a round of applause included chicken drumstick and chicken goujons (cheese bombs, you must regret if you didn’t try these lil cheesy bites)

Kudos to MeatOne for putting up a wonderful stall and menu for its fan and letting us taste the magic in meat!

Can’t wait to meat you at the next KEF! 🙂

It takes two to coexist #NoMenWithoutWomen

“When all you know is pain you don’t know that that is not normal. It is not a woman’s lot to suffer, even if we’ve been raised that way.”

-Susan Saradon

I’m not here to start a debate about who is superior to who, but to address a very important matter i.e. gender equality. In a world full of gender bias, are we willing to be at peace with each other and coexist? And why is there a need to do so?

When we talk about gender equality by definition; it is the view that everyone should receive equal treatment and not be discriminated against based on their gender. But when does that happen? We’re at a war with each other, each trying to weigh the other one down without realizing the power of our strengths combined together. We need to lift each other up, above the socially constructed stereotypes and stigmas – And women, being the greatest victim of these stereotypes and stigmas, need empowerment!  This school of thought was very beautifully laid out by a brand in their recent campaign and I was proud to be a part of it.

#NoMenWithoutWomen is a social awareness campaign on digital initiated by Greenstar SM  focusing on women empowerment. The objective of this campaign was to lay light on the socio-economic and health related issues faced by women because of the lack of awareness, health facilities and other essential resources. The campaign highlighted some really crucial and alarming stats about how the lack of all these is sabotaging women’s health on a massive scale and why men being there counterpart hold a responsibly to look after and safeguard the women around them.

Sharing some powerful and thought-provoking messages shared on the hashtag:









Kudos to Greenstar SM for starting this wonderful campaign. This campaign not only helped raise awareness about issues pertaining to women’s health but also encouraged others to speak out and do something about it. Greenstar SM is playing an exceptional role in combating these issues and contributing in the betterment of society as a whole. Because they believe that #NoMenWithoutWomen.

What about you?


For more info, log on to

greenstar sm.PNG

The Future Is Now with Infinix Zero4


I am a very skeptical person when it comes down to choosing gadgets as I don’t buy them too often and when I do I need to take a wise decision because that’s going to be a long term investment I believe and it should pay off well.

My sister was once visiting home from Dubai and she couldn’t stop raving about this phone her friend had bought, she kept speaking about the battery life, the picture resolution, that is when I got to know about Infinix and I began my research for that.

Nevertheless, I became a fan too and now I am always looking up for what’s new to come from the leading mobile device manufacturers in more than 20 countries.

Their latest addition to the family is the new flagship ZERO4 and ZERO4 Plus mobile phones. The phones are a perfect configuration of hardware and software specially designed to be an eye candy for professional and personal lifestyle mobile users both. Both ZERO4 and ZERO4 Plus are successful to give the ultimate professional photo experience. Zero4 has a 16-megapixel main camera with f/2.0 lens and an 8-megapixel front camera, optical image stabilization (OIS), laser autofocus (laser AF), and 4x Sharper Zoom.


ZERO4 Plussurpasses high-performance with a stunning 20.7-megapixel main camera

with f/2.0 large aperture and 13-megapixel front-facing camera, all driven by the power of a

HELIO X20 10-core TRICLUSTER processor providing lower energy consumption and smooth

Operation.  ZERO4 is equipped with an 8-Core 64-bit high-performance processor). Zero4 Plus

offers a configuration of 32GB ROM + 4GB RAM to meet the capacity needs of shooting

and storing HD photographs and videos and ZERO4 is equipped with a 32GB+3GB


A professional photographer may never be satisfied with the automatic camera settings but they are a convenience, therefore, Infinix has introduced the new Pro manual adjustment

camera interface with ZERO4 and ZERO4 Plus. Now, any user can choose between automatic

adjustments or an unlimited combination of manual aperture, shutter speed, color, ISO,

brightness, and other controls to enhance the visual creation experience.


Zero4 and Zero4 Plus make shooting videos and photos much clearer with optical image stabilization (OIS), even in the most undesirable situations. OIS offsets camera shake with

automatic double-axis lens adjustments in the opposite direction of any jitter caused by the

screen shaking.

Moreover, new optical anti-shake algorithms allows ZERO4 and ZERO4 Plus

to create an excellent shooting experience by enhancing stability and image quality.

The photographic power of Infinix ZERO4 and ZERO4 Plus can be further demonstrated by 4X

Sharper Zoom and Laser Auto Focus (AF) technology. The camera calculates precise distance

via reflection through the emission of a low-power laser to the subject being photographed.

An infrared laser sensor next to the camera detects the reflected laser and communicates

with the mirror motor to adjust the lens to the appropriate position. Laser AF technology

ensures sharper photos for macro photography, low light environments, even when shooting

a scene with low-contrast. Additionally, 4X Sharper Zoom technology combined with the

f/2.0 large aperture lens will give greater flexibility in the distances possible from the

photographer to the subject being photographed.

Greater technology enables professionalism and ever dynamic means of challenging

conventions. Infinix ZERO4 and ZERO4 Plus are the collision of cutting-edge technology and

the professional ideas of today’s tech enthusiasts.


I am totally up for this amazing piece of technology because my latest love for food photography is urging me to buy one asap.

Online Retail Therapy with Yayvo Black Friday 2016

Following the success of the ‘Great Online Shopping Festival (GOSF)’ is back with another shopping festival to watch out for. Presenting ‘Yayvo Black Friday 2016’ in collaboration with Jazz Cash.

This ‘Yayvo Black Friday 2016’ will bring in a bundle of amazing offers and discounts like:

  • Up to 80% off on over 1,000 products
  • Exclusive brand launches
  • Cost-effective deals
  • Blazing fast delivery through the TCS logistical network

In order to bring for its customer the best deals and discount offers like never seen before, Yayvo has teamed up with Jazz Cash as the official payment partner. Thanks to Jazz Cash, we’ll get to enjoy:

  • Blazing Fast Delivery, as fast as 120 minute delivery time for selected products
  • Discounts on over 10,000+ products
  • Fashion and apparel discounts
  • Gadgets, latest mobile phones, exclusive launches etc

For further details visit:


In addition to this you should also watch out for exclusive deals and collaborations with:

  • TCS as delivery partner
  • FM107 will be the official Radio Partner for the event
  • Food Panda
  • HamariWeb
  • Ary Digital
  • Sukoon
  • Infinix
  • Dove – Unilever

So start saving up to for your next online shopping spree. Subscribe Now for Yayvo Black Friday https://yayvo/black-friday at to get updates on the latest deals.

It’s Hot & Happening – The New Hot S!

In a glitzy glamorous event held recently, Infinix Mobility  launched their latest smart phone innovation, Hot S along with noise cancelling earphones.

The event was held at Marriott Karachi and hosted by Anoushey Ashraf, Pakistan’s favorite celebrity host.

Mr. Andy Yan, Vice-president Infinix Mobility, unveiled the product himself with great pride and took everyone through with the new phone’s features and specs details.

After creating buzz online on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram during its pre-launch phase, the new Hot S definitely proved what it claimed – to have #AllEyesOnMe

Some of the eye-catching features includes:

  • 8 MP front shooter featuring wide-angled 120 degree selfies + low light photography
  • fingerprint scanner feature, added after customer’s valued feedback
  • metallic body with minimal bezels giving Hot S 10/10 on looks
  • 2 inch HD display giving you more room to explore
  • A massive 3000 mAH battery which lasts more than a day for an average user
  • new Android User Interface, XOS, for easier and smoother user experience
  • XOS comes with some pretty sleek features such as Magic Movie, that lets you add filters to your videos, without the need of any video editing tool
  • XOS comes with enhanced security feature called Xhide, allowing you to hide certain apps, contact, messages and other personal things that you do not want your friends & family to browse through.
  • Xshare feature for hassle free data sharing, without the need of any network connection

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Priced at Rs. 16,899 the new Hot S can definitely give all the other competitors out there a run for their money.

Best part, you can pre-order your Hot S now from Daraz or  Yayvo!

Another amazing highlight of the event was the launch of the noise-cancelling earphones (XE02) in Pakistan!


The noise-cancelling earphones utilize cutting edge noise canceling technology and high-performance automated noise reduction IC for 95% noise canceling efficiency to block out all the unwanted noise around you!


The noise canceling box features:

  • a unique 2.5D wraparound design
  • shark fin ear caps
  • oval in-ear buds
  • exterior with exquisite disc texture
  • red-green-yellow tri color LED indicator for distinguishing headphone status between states such as noise canceling, charging, and insufficient power
  • up to 10 hours of continuous usage and uninterrupted music on a full charge


With the revolutionary XE02 easily in reach now, you can finally:

Goodbye World!






Special Items to Gifts Kids Before School


 “If I don’t find you sleeping in the next half an hour or catch you playing Pokémon Go again, you’re going to get in serious trouble, young man!” warned Ali’s mom as she snatched his tablet away, 5 minutes after discovering 10:03 pm on her watch.

Yes, it’s that time of the year again, when parents are back at fixing their kid’s sleeping schedule. Honeymoon period is almost over and just a few days left before they bid farewell to the beloved summer vacation.

This is it! This is when reality starts to dawn upon these poor souls. Unfinished homework! Missing PT shoe! Books still uncovered! The list goes on and on….but fret not, we’ve got the ultimate solution to overcome this panic attack, with ‘Get Set School’ festival.

Here’s a list of essential gift items to cheer up your kids and prepare them for the ‘Get Set School’ mode ahead:


Dear Diary

Whether they are used as a daily diary, or for writing lecture notes or even drawing random scribbles (if your kid is into it), these spiral note books with ‘inspirational quotes’ are hard to ignore!

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Pouch Perfection


These pretty  pouches are perfect to gear up your kids for the dreaded back-to-school routine.

These pretty stationary pouches are perfect to gear up your kids for the dreaded back-to-school routine.

One or more of these belongs to your kids. You know it! Go get it from here!


 Art Therapy


Gift a painting kit to unleash the inner artist in your kids or to simply keep them busy (best plan ever!)

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Bumper Prize – Back to School Kit!



If your kid is one of those lesser fortunate ones who happen to be born in July, automatically joining the kids-who-never-get-to-celebrate-birthday-in-school club, this ‘Back to School Combo’ pack is a perfect birthday + back to school surprise for him!

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Like the above? Then you’re absolutely going to love the entire ‘Get Set School’ collection! Visit Yayvo – Get Set School for more gift options and variety.

Hurry up and ready…get set…school!

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